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Christopher K.
10.12.2016, 02:25
Hallo Leute,

ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Erklärung, der mir den Sinn von Modus 3 erklärt. Wie er funktioniert weiß ich.


Andreas Koch
10.12.2016, 08:39
Chuck Westfall, Canon USA, erklärt es so:

Newly Added IS Mode 3: The new IS II super-telephoto lenses are the first to introduce Canon’s new IS Mode 3. This new stabilization mode is similar to IS Mode 2 in the respect that it can detect and correct for panning by shutting off IS correction in the panning direction, but the difference is that IS correction occurs only during the actual exposure in IS Mode 3. (As in IS Modes 1 and 2, camera shake and panning detection occurs whenever the shutter button is pressed halfway.) As a result, the image in the viewfinder moves more naturally while panning, and battery power is conserved. This feature is expected to be welcomed by sports photographers as well as those who photograph birds in flight.*

Improved Operation in IS Mode 2: A revised control algorithm reduces the occurrence of unnatural movement in the viewfinder during panning sequences. This maximizes the performance of the Image Stabilizer in a variety of common shooting conditions, and it is effective for video as well as still captures.

Full article:


Christopher K.
10.12.2016, 15:41
Danke Andreas, den hatte ich seinerzeit auch gelesen, doch glatt wieder vergessen.